12/22/2011 05:28 pm ET

Los Mini Wachiturros: Tirate Un Paso , Toddlers Dance Reggaeton (VIDEO)

So many questions...

First, who are these two little boys? Second, I wonder if I look that good when I dance?

Probably not.

Let's take note, boy on left is very skilled in the art of knee-bending but the boy on right naturally feels the beat swaying his arms to and fro.

Boy on right grabs his jacket 15 seconds into the video and, then drops it like its hot! Well, played, boy on right. Boy on right's hand gestures almost make me believe he is on something. Nevertheless, their dance moves are still very impressive.

If you listen carefully, you can hear a lady cheering them on, and, of course, with good reason. She must have sensed these two boys would have over 8 million hits on YouTube.

Did anyone notice the dog in the background? Is the dog alive or was he so mesmerized with the boys dancing that he couldn't very well move? If that is the case, I hear you dawg. I too was stunned.