01/05/2012 03:53 pm ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

New Year's Resolutions: 10 Ways To Be Better To Your Body In 2012

January has arrived, which means we are being bombarded with gym membership emails, we can't go to the drug stop without seeing magazine covers about exercising, and we're hearing the word "diet" everywhere we turn. Let's face it: It's hard not to think about our bodies right now and feel pressure to change ourselves, whether or not we really want to.

So, let's make it our mission this month -- and this year -- to fight back against these messages, and make resolutions that will help us feel good about ourselves every single day. Because guess what? Feeling confident and happy about your body inside and out makes you look better than any diet ever could. Plus, cooking and eating healthy foods and getting exercise can actually be fun -- as long as you remember that it's all about how you feel, not how you look. Check out the below slideshow for 10 of our favorite resolutions for a healthy mind and body this year.

What do you do to boost your confidence when you feel down? What is your feel-good resolution for 2012? Share your thoughts in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



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