12/21/2011 01:26 pm ET

Small Business Wish List: More Sales

Small-business owners are getting in the holiday spirit, revealing their wish lists in a survey from TD Bank. According to the survey, which polled 300 business owners along the East Coast, 61 percent said that increased sales would rank highest on their list.

While thirteen percent of owners listed eliminating debt as a top priority, many are in the giving spirit, with 11 percent having hopes of giving raises or bonuses to their hardworking employees. Rounding out the list, 6 percent hoped for new equipment or software, 5 percent wanted more employees and 4 percent were looking to expand to a larger facility. Just 1 percent of business owners wished for a raise or bonus for themselves.

"With economic pressures likely to continue in 2012, it will be more important than ever for small businesses to find creative ways to grow sales," Fred Graziano, TD Bank's head of regional commercial banking, government banking and small business, said in a statement.

Looking forward, the survey also asked small business owners what their New Year's resolution would be for 2012. Accordingly, many of the "wishes" turned into "resolutions", with 26 percent of owners planning on spending more time developing marketing and sales strategies and 22 percent planning on eliminating company debt. Other resolutions included developing a better business plan and relying more on employees to handle daily operations.