12/22/2011 11:50 am ET

FBI: Johnna Woolfolk Made False Terrorism Threat To Delay Husband's Flight

A woman upset with her husband called in a bomb threat in an attempt to ground his flight at Los Angeles International, the FBI has alleged in a new court filing.

The agency says Johnna Woolfolk called an AirTran representative with the false threat to stop her husband from flying to Atlanta, reports The Los Angeles Times. The couple had been having marital difficulties, the paper reports, citing FBI officials.

It's the second such charge to be brought in less than a month. In September, the Times reports, Lizet Sariol called United with a threat regarding a flight after a Frenchmen with whom she'd had a brief relationship was scheduled to fly from LAX. She was charged with making a false threat in November.

"The airlines are not tools for revenge," FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told the Times. "Making a threat to an airline is a serious offense and will be prosecuted. The response to these hoaxes is a great expense to the government."

Nevertheless, there's a long string of similar incidents. Before Sariol's case, the latest to make headlines involved Mary Purcell, who called in a threat on a Southwest Airlines flight from Tucson, Arizona.