12/22/2011 01:53 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2011

Kris Humphries Booed: Whoopi Goldberg Defends Reality Star On 'The View' (VIDEO)

It's been a rough few months for Kris Humphries. After Kim Kardashian filed for divorce after the couple was married for only 72 days, he's been painted as a reality show villain, sat through awkward interviews and seen his life degenerate into a tabloid circus. But if Humphries thought returning to the basketball court would provide him some sort of refuge, he found out in his first preseason game of the year that wouldn't be the case.

In Wednesday night's Knicks vs. Nets matchup at Madison Square Garden, Kris Humphries was booed mercilessly as soon as he stepped on the court. Thursday, "The View" (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) discussed the incident, and avid Knicks fan Whoopi Goldberg stuck up for Humphries, arguing that sports fans should boo players for bad play, not what happens in their personal lives. "If you bought a ticket to a basketball game, you get to boo because you don't like what the basketball player is doing. You didn't buy a ticket to his life ... you don't get to boo his life."

The rest of the panel made the obvious counter-argument that when athletes choose to put their personal lives on reality TV, everything becomes fair game. "But he did agree to do a reality show and he did put his life out there," Sherri Shepherd noted. Barbara Walters observed that Humphries has crossed the boundary between athlete and tabloid celebrity. "When you open your life up to that, then you're more than a basketball player, you're a personality," she said.

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