12/23/2011 11:56 am ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

Grand Opening, Grand Closing: The Year In Miami Nightlife

Let's face it, if Miami didn't boast such an active nightlife scene, we'd be nothing but just the most beautiful strip of waterfront in America and the NBA's killingest basketball team. Fortunately, like most other years, 2011 featured a string of half-baked clubs opening up, a bevy of new bars, and more hilarious nightlife hijinks than anyone could hope for (remember Shock and its fake St. Tropez kingpin? You will.) While we're not covering all the night spots that opened and closed this year -- The Well, The Local, Lokal, High Bar, Johnny's, and more come to mind, along with the controversial Fox's booth debacle -- we do have a top ten roundup of the most interesting newbies, the most dramatic failures, and the ones we'll miss forever. A toast to the openings and closings of 2011: