12/23/2011 11:54 am ET

Ivanka Trump Licensing Company Fires Back: We Didn't Copy Lam's Design

Derek Lam and Ivanka Trump, two names not normally uttered together, faced off yesterday when the former accused the latter of ripping off his shoe design.

Lam sent a cease-and-desist letter to Marc Fisher Footwear, the licensing company for Ivanka Trump's shoe brand, alleging that a sandal from Trump's shoe collection plagiarized a design from his footwear line.

Today Marc Fisher Footwear has fired back, refusing to acknowledge any foul play. A company representative told Women's Wear Daily:

"The Lam wedge sandals are of a popular design type that has been used by numerous manufacturers for many decades. There is nothing iconic about the appearance of the Lam sandal.

The Ivanka Trump sandals prominently display the Ivanka Trump name, and there can be no confusion as to the source of the Ivanka Trump sandals. Therefore, Marc Fisher Footwear, the licensee of the Ivanka Trump brand, strongly denies Lam's claims."

Yeesh. The sandal brouhaha caps off a year that saw several similar copyright wars, including a debate just last week over the similarities between two Kate Moss jewelry campaigns.

Even more similar to the Lam/Trump case was a battle back in October between Alexis Bittar and Kim Kardashian. Bittar, a jewelry designer beloved by fashionistas (and Michelle Obama) accused Kardashian of creating near-identical copies of his work for her Belle Noel jewelry line, sold at Dash.

That dispute has since blown over in favor of more dramatic Kardashian controversies (divorce, sweatshop scandals, etc.) But we're expected this Lam vs. Trump battle to continue... stay tuned and read for more details.