12/23/2011 03:44 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2012

Jason Segel Twitter Hacked: Star On Flight From Sydney While Tweets Sent Out

Jason Segel is used to putting words in the mouths of puppets. He is not, however, used to having words put in his own mouth. Or Twitter page, as it were.

The "Muppets" co-writer and star's Twitter account sent out a few seemingly random messages on Thursday night, including one that said, "Are you still up? Want to come over?"

On Friday Segel had the tweets deleted and sent out a flurry of messages indicating that he had been hacked while on a plane right back from Sydney, where he had been premiering his film with Kermit & co.

The drummer boy tweet his referring to was a message he had sent out that included a link to an animated Christmas video he made with Jack Black.

Just wait until Animal finds out about this. Chains off, fists of fury!