12/23/2011 04:21 pm ET

Matisyahu Kicks Photographer At Concert, Apologizes

First Matisyahu lost his beard; now, he's lost his cool. The devoutly religious reggae rapper, who shocked the Jewish world when he shed his trademark hirsute profile earlier this month, allegedly kicked the face of a photographer in the audience for using her camera at a Hanukkah show in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

The incident became public knowledge when the victim, Rebecca Smeyne, a contributor to Paper, Spin, and MTV, according to her bio, posted about the incident on her Twitter page.

"I was just attacked by mAtisyahu calling cops pressing charges. Wtf! He kicked me in face and broke my camera!!!!!"

She then accused 32-year-old artist of being a misogynist before writing:

"I'm ok; after cops showed, matisyahu's manager, who witnessed the incident, gave me a fat stack of cash to cover damages. Happy hanukkah!"

For the record, Matisyahu responded to Smeyne on Twitter, apologizing before becoming slightly defensive. He wrote: "sorry about last night.I totally snapped.I wouldn't call it a kick, more like stepping into the crowd... being that youv'e shot so many hsows you should know how huge your flash in your face is."



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