12/23/2011 08:39 pm ET

Website 'You Are Listening To' Brings City To Your Computer Screen

With every city boasting its own unique atmosphere and flavor, it is a crime that we can only choose one of them to live in at a time. Luckily the website 'You Are Listening To' can help lessen the blow.

The thoughtfully curated website creates a multilayered experiences of a city's vibes through music, photos and even audio from police radio. (Hey, living in a city has its down side!) It is the perfect website to keep open in a back tab while you do other things, and slowly forget where you are and drift to where you want to be. Choose from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco or Montreal and let your ears and imagination guide you.

Websites like this are a welcome example of internet art, a growing medium which helps to make a very big world suddenly seem quite small. The humble harmonizing of different sources, media and inspirations lift 'You Are Listening To' from just a website to a work of art.