12/24/2011 08:29 am ET

Is This The Cutest Puppy-Filled Christmas Scene Ever? (VIDEO)

The internet is not short of cute animal videos, even yuletide-focused ones, but there will always be room for more… especially when they're this cute and puppy-filled.

A two minute clip, which shows four puppies bursting out of presents under a Christmas tree and proceeding to create a blur of festive chaos, has unsurprisingly become an online hit.

In the video - which has already been viewed more than 1.3 million times - the pups get into all sorts of festive japes.

They start off by wrapping themselves in tinsel, before one gets lost in a Santa hat and then they all look ridiculously adorable while gnawing on wrapping paper.

After all this fun, the part Yorkie, part Pomeranian and part Maltese mix puppies then suddenly get tired and sleepily collapse amid their Christmas chaos.

Film-maker Devin Graham, devinsupertramp on YouTube, says he shot the video in a friend's house and borrowed the puppies from another pal, adding that he loves puppies. Who doesn't?