12/27/2011 02:04 pm ET

Ansel Adams App Gives You A Stunning Photograph Every Day (PHOTOS)

Ansel Adams was one of America's greatest ever photographers. His stunning photographs of the American West, taken from the 1920s to the 1960s, are as jaw dropping as the landscapes themselves, filled with intense natural beauty and majesty.

Though his photographs are often reproduced in large formats, Little, Brown - publisher of many of Adams' books - has found a new way to bring his luminous images to a wider audience: they've just published an app called "Ansel Adams: An Image A Day" ($1.99.)

Each day, your phone receives a new moment of monochrome silence, far from the incessant buzzing of email and SMS messages usually found on the device.

See below for some of the incredible images that are available as part of the app. And breathe.

All images are © 2011 The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, from Ansel Adams: An Image a Day, courtesy of Little, Brown and Company