12/28/2011 05:19 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

Celebrity Marriage: Stars Opened Up About Their Own Marriages In 2011

It may seem silly to take marriage advice from Hollywood celebrities--a group who don't seem to take marriage vows all that seriously (really, Kim Kardashian? 72 days?)

But despite the break-ups, broken engagements, scandals and divorces that seem to characterize this group, some famous couples still make it work. And though we rarely hear about successful marriages in Tinseltown, some couples are speaking out about how they've stuck together through thick and thin.

Here, ten married celebs give us a glimpse into their Hollywood marriage this year, offering up advice, anecdotes, and their secrets on the subject. Click through the slideshow below to hear what these famous faces have said about their own marriages.

Favorite Celeb Marriage Quotes Of 2011