12/28/2011 02:24 pm ET, Among The Worst Websites For Customer Satisfaction In 2011, Study Finds (VIDEO)

Do you hate tracking down customer service info for your shopping orders online? Doesn't... everyone?

It turns out some e-commerce sites are worse than others. Consumers must be running into difficulty returning their holiday sweaters, because ranked second to last in e-commerce customer satisfaction, according to a new study released today by research firm Forsee, reports CNN.

Hmm... we've never had problems with, but unfortunately (for our wallets), we're usually buying and keeping, not returning.

But Gap was only the penultimate offender. The site with the dubious honor of proffering the worst customer service in 2011 was, those ubiquitous merchants of discounted furniture, clothes and home furnishing.

Another offender from the survey: Netflix, which in wake of the Qwikster debacle, showed the largest decline of any retailer in the survey, plunging from 86 to 79 satisfaction points.

But shoppers were most satisfied with and Amazon, the latter of which topped the list for a 14th consecutive year with its staggering quantities of merchandise. Mazel tov!

After last week's online holiday shopping debacle at Barneys, maybe we'll be seeing the renowned department store on the bottom of next year's list?

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