12/28/2011 01:09 pm ET

Grandma Dances To Dubstep: 94-Year-Old Gets Down (VIDEO)

2011 has certainly been the year of grandmas trying awesome new stuff in viral videos. From webcams to Pop Rocks, they're all over 21st century culture.

YouTuber Chucklepley's 94-year-old grandmother is no exception. Not only does she know what dubstep is, but when her family turns some on she does an awesome job of dancing to it. It's no easy task considering how notoriously -- different -- the music is.

And trendy music isn't this granny's only unexpected interest. According to her grandson in the video description: "she bought herself an iPad a couple months ago, does crossword puzzles every day and currently has a higher score than me playing Angry Birds."

Hope we're all that cool at 94!