12/28/2011 11:28 am ET

Megan Fox's Tattoo Removal Is So Painful She Has To Wear A Mouthguard, Sources Say

As we already knew, Megan Fox is having her famous Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed from her forearm via laser.

But apparently it's not as easy as it sounds: Star magazine has a source claiming that Megan can barely stand the pain of the laser.

"After the first session Megan was freaking out over how badly it hurt," the actress' pal tells Star. "Her friend suggested a mouth guard to bite down on to help deal with the pain and protect her teeth."

The actress then reportedly sent husband Brian Austin Green to a sporting goods store where he scored a mouthguard, presumably designed for playing sports.

Ouch! Does tattoo removal really hurt that badly? This site claims it feels like a "rubber band snap" on the skin. Another comparison: like "getting hot specks of bacon grease on your skin."

Of course, most people opt for laser tattoo removal to eradicate the etched name of an ex, like Angelina Jolie, who covered up a dragon bearing the name of now ex-hubby Billy Bob Thornton with geographical coordinates of her children's birthplaces, and Johnny Depp's famous "Wino Forever" tattoo, a laser amendment from "Winona Forever" in honor of his ex Winona Ryder. Megan, apparently, was just "over" her Marilyn ink.

Maybe some of you with laser tattoo removal experience can weigh in: how badly does it really hurt?

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