12/28/2011 10:20 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2012

Solange Knowles Shares Photos Of Month In Paris With Son And Boyfriend (PHOTOS)

We were thrilled to discover that our favorite fashionista of 2011, Solange Knowles, just posted a slew of amazing personal photos from her summer vacation in France on her Tumblr "MyDamnBlog."

Beyonce's baby sister spent a month over the summer in Paris with her adorable son Julez and video director boyfriend Alan Ferguson taking in the sights and attending a friend's wedding.

Here's what Solange had to say about the trip:

I spent a month in Paris this past summer with Julez and Alan. I have spent much time there over the years… But not ever until I really 'immersed' myself there, did I really fall deeply in love with the city. I will always remember the simple pleasures of our everyday living. Going in the morning for bread, hanging laundry on the close line in the shower, Julez negotiating the cost of getting my hair braided by locals, (his French saved us in many instances such as these), Buying the french bootleg “Cars 2″ Dvd in the Metro Station…(Only to arrive home to the Cars 2 Blank Version). We rented a small charming apartment in the 10th.. And ate and drank our way through beautiful memorable days.

Sounds like a fabulous vacation--and thanks to Solange, we've got the photos to prove it.

Beyond radiating a sense of peace and love, these pics are the perfect example of what a true style star Solange has become. That printed dress and bold blazer, those Prada Baroque sunglasses and her fierce turban make us smile. And let's not forget the guys-- Alan and Julez don't look too shabby either!