12/28/2011 11:16 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

'Teen Mom 2': Leah Gets Good And Bad News After Ali's MRI (VIDEO)

Last week's "Teen Mom 2" (Tues., 10PM EST on MTV) left off with a medical cliffhanger as Leah Messer's baby daughter Ali was sent to the doctor for an MRI on her brain. Tuesday night's episode revealed her diagnosis, and the results were mostly positive. Leah and her grandmother sat in Dr. Porter's office as he told them that Ali had been diagnosed with one under-developed optic nerve, but that the rest of her brain was healthy.

"We have a good and we have a bad. Her ophthalmologist suspected that her optic nerves were small. The good news is it's not both. It is just one, but it is small. Her right side is small and hasn't developed as much. We've got one healthy eye and one that is a little damaged," Dr. Porter told Leah and her mom.

"The good part is that there's nothing else in her cranial, which means her brain is fine ... and that's huge," he continued.

While the diagnosis could lead to a degenerative vision problem in Ali's right eye and must have been difficult to hear, Leah was relieved to hear that her daughter was not facing any cognitive developmental issues. And looking on the bright side of the results, at least Ali gets to keep wearing her adorable pink glasses.

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