12/29/2011 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

More Good News For Google+: Traffic Is Up, Stats Show

Google+ is getting busy, new data suggests.

Chitika Insights, a data analytics company and online ad network, reports Google+ experienced a "significant rise in traffic" between September, when the site officially opened to all users, and November of this year.

"Between the months of September to November, Google+ saw a 118% increase in overall online activity," Chitika Insights wrote of its findings. "From September to October Google+ posted the biggest growth figures (55%), followed by a growth in online activity of 41% between October and November." (Learn more about Chitika's methodology here)

After a slew of reports suggesting interest in Google's social network had waned, including one from Chitika Insights arguing that Google+'s "growth spurt" was "short lived" and that users had failed to stay on the site, several new data points suggest Google+ may be gaining ground.

Paul Allen, founder of, estimated that Google+ now has more than 62 million users and is adding some 635,000 new users each day. Allen, who describes himself as "Google+ unofficial statistician," also predicted Google+ would have 400 million accounts by the end of 2012. Twitter recently divulged that it has over 100 million active users, with users who log into the site at least once a month qualifying as "active." Research firm comScore also reported that Google+ had 66.7 million unique visitors in November, up from 65 million the month before, according to TechCrunch.

Google has offered few specifics on Google+'s growth. Google CEO Larry Page announced in October that Google+ had registered 40 million users, but the company has so far stayed mum on traffic stats and the number of active users on the site. Facebook, by comparison, said in September the site had more than 800 million active users.

Take a look at the chart (below) to see the increase in Google+ activity, according to Chitika Insights. Click here to view Chitika's entire report.