12/29/2011 07:55 am ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

New Year's Eve Travel: Wacky Ball Drops Across The US

The Times Square ball drop is perhaps the most iconic of American New Year's Eve traditions. Across the country, many cities have followed New York City's lead by hosting their own New Year's drops. Many of these towns have taken to thinking outside the ball.

To keep track of the country's New Year's goings on, the folks over at MapQuest compiled NewYearsQuest. The state-by-state guides highlight local goings-on, including where to celebrate 2012 by watching weird objects fall from the sky.

Marylanders can head to downtown Easton to watch an iconic blue crab fall. If in Orlando, ring in the new year with a giant orange drop.

For more kooky New Year's drop celebrations, check out the slideshow below. Also, find a memorable New Year's Eve celebration close to you with Mapquest's guide to the holiday.

Wacky New Year's Eve Ball Drops