12/29/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2011

Scott Brown: Elizabeth Warren Media Coverage Is 'All Fluff' (VIDEO)

When Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) scored his upset victory over Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley in January 2010, he rode a wave of voter anger to a seat in Washington.

Nearly two years later, Brown's bid for a full Senate term is just as heated. Early December polls showed Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren holding a sizable lead over the incumbent.

With that challenge at hand, Brown has turned to a source in direct contact with voters: the media. In an interview with the conservative Boston Herald, he grumbled about the press' role in his re-election run, casting himself as the candidate suffering more "roundhouse punches."

"It's all fluff," said Brown of the Warren coverage. "It's all fluff. Gimme a break."

Claims of favoritism on the airwaves aside, Brown added that Warren is too liberal, pointing to his willingness to cross Washington's partisan lines.

"If you're gonna get anything done, especially the fact that there is a check and balance, you need to work in a bipartisan, bicameral manner to get things done," he told The Herald. "You need to work across the aisle. And as you know, just because you follow me more than most, I am the most bipartisan person in the delegation, and one, if not the most in the entire Senate."

Brown has aimed to affirm that bipartisan label, aligning himself with President Barack Obama on some issues. In a Wednesday interview with Fox's Boston affiliate, Brown pointed to a series of bills that he and the president saw eye to eye on. That list included the Hire a Hero Act, which gives businesses tax credits for hiring unemployed veterans.

If being bipartisan is not enough to win in 2012, Brown seems to be open to recapturing his 2010 magic. At a South Boston diner, he went so far as to place himself as the dark horse against Warren.

"I've always been the underdog, and I will be the underdog again," he told The Boston Globe.