12/30/2011 03:35 pm ET

Celebrity Babies: Surprising Pregnancies, Adoptions, Announcements

These celebrity moms may have been expecting but when it comes to the rest of us, their famous offspring were totally unexpected. From Beyonce's surprise pregnancy announcement at the 2011 Video Music Awards to Connie Britton, Viola Davis and Sandra Bullock's under the radar adoptions, Hollywood sure knows how to keep us guessing.

And although they all may have an element of surprise, these celebs still maintain very different styles when it comes to the big reveal. For Beyonce, she waited until she was front and center to pop open her purple sequined blazer to (gasp!) reveal her baby bump, while there is still an aire of mystery when it comes to January Jone's baby boy -- we still have yet to learn who her son's father is.

Check out these lovely ladies who've managed to keep the mystery of motherhood alive.

Unexpected Celebrity Babies