12/30/2011 11:01 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Eyebrow Dance Girl A Viral Hit (VIDEO)

We all secretly wish we had a talent that would be endlessly entertaining and make us the life of the party wherever we go. In this girl's case, she's probably set for life... provided, of course, that she doesn't over-tweeze or use Botox.

She's also mastered the formula for viral video succes: cute + weird + simple + short = millions of views.

Of course, much like chips, you can't have just one eyebrow dancing video. So we did some searching and came across this creepy Cadbury ad, which was a viral hit in the UK and must have been our girl's inspiration. Note the same music, "Don't Stop The Rock" by Freestyle, appears in both.

Which one do you like better and do either make you want to eat chocolate?

Via Dangerous Minds