12/31/2011 05:26 pm ET

Best NBA Games Of 2011: Heat, Mavericks, Lakers, Knicks Play In Greatest Games Of Year (VIDEO)

Remember when it seemed like the "Will He? Won't He?" drama leading up to the "Summer of 2010" was the most divisive, dramatic and distracting thing that could ever have happened to the NBA?

Gosh, those seem like innocent, low-stakes days as we close out a 2011 that was filled with heated vitriol, an enervating playoff run, offseason labor strife, and behind-the-scenes intrigue. Looking back, the notion of New Yorkers hand-sewing LeBron's name on to Knicks jerseys seems like a too-cutesy Etsy promotion compared to the reaction that greeted the Miami Heat in every road game. I mean, have you read "Whore Of Akron" by Scott Raab?

Whether you prefer the Miami Heat schadenfreude of the NBA Finals or were actually pulling for the South Beach Superfriends, 2011 was a year with plenty to keep you mesmerized. If you liked buzzer beaters (paging Mr. Durant), upsets (table reserved for the Grizzlies, party of Z-Bo), validation (this way, Herr Nowitzki) or a poignant farewell (safe travels, Brandon) then there was also plenty to enjoy this year.

Here are more than a dozen of the greatest NBA games from 2011. Help us decide which was the BEST NBA GAME OF 2011. We know these games are just the tip of the ice berg. So let us know the other great games that took place this year by clicking 'Add A Slide' and submitting a YouTube highlight of your favorite game.



Greatest NBA Games Of 2011