12/31/2011 12:58 pm ET

Rayshawn Laster Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Own Mother; Posted Farewells On Facebook After Shooting (PHOTOS)

Rayshawn Laster, a 26-year-old Colorado Springs man, was arrested early Saturday morning under suspicion that he shot his mother in the head Friday night and took to Facebook to post farewell messages hours before he was arrested, according to 9News.

The police say that Laster's 49-year-old mother was shot around 7:55 p.m. and was taken to Memorial Hospital where she later died at 9:30 p.m., Friday night. KRDO reports that the police believe that Laster allegedly shot his mother in the head at her Security/Widefield home and then to get away attempted to carjack a nearby motorist's vehicle -- which had a battery problem at forced the suspect to flee on foot.

About an hour after the shooting, KKTV reports that Laster began posting cryptic messages to his Facebook page all via his mobile device:

Early posts on Laster's Facebook page made around 9:30 p.m. on Friday night read:

Ernestine laster. Thank u for everything u have ever did for me. U will never forgive me. That i kno. But im not askin for that. Just kno i love u

Alot of people will never understand. Why? Only a few kno the truth. Life goes on. Solid

Im sorry for nothing. My journey has come to an end.

Then the final message posted came at approximately 10:30 p.m., reading:

Monike. Ur gonna hate me for being selfish. I dont blame u. Be a good mom to our kids. Dont let them grow up to hate u chica. B tbere for them. No matter what u gotta do. They are all over. Everywhere around me so its only a mattet of time. I love u chica

The final message yielded comments like:

Rayshawn please don't make things even worse! You have a baby on the way. Think of your kids!!!

And moments later:

Im bout to come down to the springs and f*** u up dog for real! Aint nothin worth it!

The Gazette reported that Laster has a long record of criminal activity, some with "confirmed gang members."