12/31/2011 09:51 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2011

We Want Green, Too: Gloria Lowe Reinvents Work For Herself And Her Community

By Zak Rosen

Perhaps no city in America has been hit as hard, or for as long, as Detroit. We’ve been hearing about unemployment, vacant lots and poverty coming out of the motor city for decades. So it might come as a surprise to hear that Detroiters are creating new and innovative ways of living and working in their city.

After an accident at an auto plant, Gloria Lowe became one such visionary, reinventing the way she approaches work and her community.

Read the whole story on WBEZ.

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As 2011 comes to a close, HuffPost Detroit looks to honor those who made an impact in our city this year. The 2011 Detroit Impact series will profile one organization per day until the end of the year. There are 11 organizations included in the series (see them all in the slideshow below), but there are dozens more doing good in and around Detroit. For full coverage of the people and organizations helping others, visit HuffPost Detroit Impact.

Detroit Impact 2011
Detroit Impact 2011