12/28/2011 01:21 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2011

WATCH: Gamer Girls Take A Stand!

Young gamer girls have come together in the above video to tell you that it's not okay to harass them for participating in the 'guys-only' culture of video games. They want to 'pwn' just like everyone else -- and they don't judge gamer dudes for being male!

Created by YouTube user SexyNerdGirlPresents, the page also includes the following message:

"Don't be racist. Don't be homophobic. Don't be sexist. Follow that code and everybody will have a good time. And when someone breaks that code, CALL THEM OUT. Don't just let it ride."

The video asks at the end: "What kind of gamer are you?"

Gamers: How would you answer that question? Non-gamers: Can this manifesto be applied to other interests in your life?

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