01/01/2012 10:46 am ET

Key West Drops Drag Diva For New Year's Eve 2011 (WATCH)

Consider the choices: You can either A.) Huddle together with millions in freezing temperatures to watch some apple drop from the sky or B.) Join thousands in tropical weather to watch a beautiful man in drag drop in a glittery red shoe.

Although Times Square's New Year's Eve celebration gets all the attention, Key West's annual diva drop is actually worth the hype. See the video above.

Minutes before midnight, a gussied-up drag queen is lowered from the balcony of the Bourbon St. Pub/New Orleans House on Duval Street in a giant high-heeled chariot. As she lands, she pops the cork on the ceremonial champagne bottle and the new year is official.

The lady in red is Gary Marion, who portrays Sushi. "About 15 years ago we started a tradition here in Key West of me being lowered in a giant glittery red shoe, at the stroke of midnight, in full drag," Marion says.

"When I was a little kid I never really dreamed about being in drag, let alone being lowered in a giant red heel," Marion said. "What a way to make a living, though -- it's fabulous."