01/01/2012 12:49 pm ET

Rick Perry Talks 'Bumps And Grinds' (VIDEO)

Rick Perry used an interesting construction to describe his struggling campaign for president.

On FOX News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked the Texas governor, "You got in late without sufficient planning, without sufficient thought about what it would take to run for president, quite frankly without sufficient preparation for debates?"

"Not at all," Perry replied. "I think we had bumps and grinds, but most campaigns have bumps and grinds. But the issue is the campaign is smooth and Iowa is a great ground game for us, and I feel very comfortable we are going to do good on Tuesday. Wednesday morning we'll find out whether or not who was right."

Perry is currently polling towards the end of the pack in Iowa, ahead of no one but Michele Bachmann.

This is not Perry's first "oops" moment on the campaign trail. Here are some of his memorable mistakes:

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