01/01/2012 02:32 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

What Does 'Home' Mean To Miley Cyrus & Zooey Deschanel? (VIDEO)

I love the idea of getting people to donate to the J/P Haiti Relief Organization, which was set up by Sean Penn and is hard at work redeveloping the beleaguered country and the millions still strugging in the wake of the 2010 earthquake.

On the other hand, a new promo for the charity features celebs like LL Cool J, Zooey Deschanel, Miley Cyrus, Soleil Moon Frye, and Sarah Silverman talking about what home means to them is kinda ... not what home means to me. I know they mean well and all, and they seem nice, but talking about their homes just makes me roll my eyes, possibly because I'm flattened with envy at the thought of their chi-chi LA mansions.

Whatever the reason, why don't you watch the video and tell me which celebs talk about home in a way you agree with.

For the full story and to see the video, visit The Stir.