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HuffPost Book Club: The Tiger's Wife By Tea Obreht, Part 2 Of 3

The second part of "The Tiger's Wife" Book Club discussion, chapters 5-8 inclusive, will begin here. See our previous discussions here. To add to this discussion, please comment below or on our Facebook page, or you can tweet to us with the #hpbookclub hashtag. We want to hear from you.

A little about who you'll be hearing from...

Andrew Losowsky, Books Editor
I'm British, so anything you think I've spelled wrong, is actually just spelled older. I look for stories to take my brain into new spaces, and I'll be particularly discussing the facts as we think we know them, and the clues I think we're being given by the story.

Zoë Triska, Associate Books Editor
I was a Literature major so I can't help analyzing every single thing (from the syntax and language to metaphors, similes, you name it). I (reluctantly) admit that I'm one of those people who Googles phrases, places, names every couple of pages when I'm reading. There are constantly things that stump me, though so I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Madeleine Crum, Assistant Books Editor
I like looking at language particularities, but in case you think that's a snooze (you wouldn't be alone), I'm also interested in reading what critics say about books and whether their reviews are spot on or way off. Let's talk about it.

Annemarie Dooling, Community Editor
Quotes, locations and descriptions speak to me the same way characters do. I love dissecting the same details that tell us more about the story than the actual prose. If you read the same books over and over and over again the same way you visit an out-of-town friend, we're going to get along just fine.

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01/20/2012 2:46 PM EST

One final Chapter 8 thought...

My favorite quote from this part of the book?

01/20/2012 2:42 PM EST

01/20/2012 2:39 PM EST

What *is* a gusla?

@ ErynnIm :

what's a gusla? #HPbookclub

01/20/2012 2:37 PM EST

Animals and their meanings (Chapters 7 and 8 specifically)

I thought this was a great place to jump into deeper symbolism on the presence of animals.

Of course, we have the tiger, who seems to be indicitive of so many feelings of so many characters at different points throughout the entire book (the mystery of the grandfather, the aloofness of Natalia, the restlessness of "the deaf-mute girl, (really, can we not find another name for her?) but what are the other animals who make repeat performances, and what are their relationships, in nature, to each other?

Spoilers beyond this little ticker.

01/20/2012 2:13 PM EST

Chapter 7: Learn About Luka

In this chapter we dig even deeper into the world of fables that quietly intertwines with the main story plotline. We specifically look at Luka, who, it's noted, is given a completely different spin.

Click below to see some spoilers!

01/20/2012 2:08 PM EST

Book Club Updates: 1/20

Hi everyone! Welcome to the second part of the 'Tiger's Wife' discussion. We've broken them up so it's easier for you to find quotes and comments and talking points, but we'd love to hear if this works for you. Please leave us a comment if you have suggestions on how you'd like to discuss the next book.

Also, we're working on getting a better newsletter for you all so that, regardless of whether you're on Twitter or Facebook, you can still be a part of everything we have going on.

Finally, we'll be discussing chapters 7 and 8 today, 9 and 10 this weekend and the final three chapters mid next week, so let's hear all of your thoughts on how this book is summing up! We've LOVED all of your thoughts and are very excited to hear what else you're thinking.

And we have some very big news coming in our next newsletter, so make sure you've signed-up on the main Book Club news page!

Now, let's get reading!

- Annemarie

01/19/2012 10:29 AM EST

On animals and characters...

01/19/2012 9:53 AM EST

Best tweet ever?

@ Bernonika :

Just bought rose hip jam, thanks to the author's description of her grandfather's home town. #hpbookclub

01/17/2012 9:00 PM EST

Fantasy vs. Reality

Dava has some great thought in our comments...

01/17/2012 8:45 PM EST

@ JanDeLaRosa :

Today's accurate description: "Her expression seems to indicate that the photographer owes her money"- Obreht #HPBookClub