01/02/2012 08:25 am ET

NFL Draft Order 2012: Colts Must Decide Between Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III

For those NFL teams like the Tennessee Titans and the mangy mass of 8-8 also-rans that just missed out on a playoff berth, today is a hard day. The 2012 NFL playoff schedules are released and those teams are nowhere to be found.

On the other hand, those NFL teams that will be watching the playoffs from home have all made it on to a different list -- the 2012 NFL Draft order. With the regular season concluded, the top 20 spots in the first round of the draft have been determined.

And the Indianapolis Colts are on the clock. Will they select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the No. 1 pick or will Baylor QB Robert Griffin III overtake Luck late in the process just as he did when he won the Heisman Trophy?

Here are the Top 20 picks of the 2012 NFL Draft. The remaining picks in the first round will be determined by the results of the playoffs.

20. Tennessee Titans, 9-7
19. Chicago Bears, 8-8
18. San Diego Chargers, 8-8
17. Cincinnati Bengals (received via trade from Oakland Raiders, 8-8)
16. New York Jets, 8-8
15. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-8
14. Dallas Cowboys, 8-8
13. Arizona Cardinals, 8-8
12. Kansas City Chiefs, 7-9*
11. Seattle Seahawks, 7-9*
10. Buffalo Bills, 6-10
9. Miami Dolphins, 6-10^
8. Carolina Panthers, 6-10^
7. Jacksonville Jaguars, 5-11
6. Washington Redskins, 5-11
5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 4-12
4. Cleveland Browns, 4-12
3. Minnesota Vikings, 3-13
2. St. Louis Rams, 2-14
1. Indianapolis Colts, 2-14

*Order of these 7-9 teams to be determined by coin flip at scouting combine.
^Order of these 6-10 teams to be determined by coin flip at scouting combine.