01/03/2012 11:25 am ET

Chris Bosh Dunk: Heat Star Throws Down Thunderous Slam Against Hawks (VIDEO)

By virtue of being the third wheel of Miami's "Big 2," as Shaquille O'Neal likes to refer to them, Chris Bosh often takes a lot of flak. So much so in fact, that Bosh went on ESPN's "First Take" in September to confront one of his biggest critics, ESPN personality Skip Bayless.

Bayless had made a habit of referring to the perennial NBA All-Star as "Bosh Spice" because he believed he was soft, a monicker with which Bosh took exception.

Well, if Bosh decides to make more plays like this, Bayless is most definitely going to need to drop that name.

In the first minute Miami's game against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, Bosh took the ball to the basket and dunked on not one, but two Hawks defenders.

The amazing dunk would ultimately be for nought as the Heat would go on to lose the game, but it would at least help put an end to all the jokes that have been made at Bosh's expense that past two years.

Well, probably not, but it was a good dunk none the less.