01/03/2012 07:03 pm ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

Justin Bieber Gives Signed Guitar To Teen Girl Who Will Donate It To Charity

Two Canadian teen girls are paying forward Justin Bieber's charitable spirit.

After landing in front of the stage at a Bieber concert in Toronto, 14-year-old Alexx Mowbray was pulled on stage and given the pop star's signed acoustic guitar, The Beacon Herald reports.

With her sister, Kelsee Casagrande, Mowbray decided without hesitation to auction off the guitar for charity. Proceeds will go to Bieber's Believe Charity and a local food bank in Stratford, Canada.

"We never even thought of selling it and keeping the money," Mowbray told The Beacon Herald. "If it can save lives, that's more important than money. And I'll always have my memories."

Bieber, who was named Huffington Post's top celebrity activist of 2011, is known for getting others involved. He has made a "Belieber" out of thousands of his fans, urging their support to charities like Pencils of Promise and City of Hope. Employing other quirky methods to spur giving, he's auctioned off his pet snake and his bike and played in a charity basketball game.

Inspired by the singer's ability to get his message out, Casagrande and Mowbray are now using their Twitter feeds to keep people up to date on the guitar auction. They say they're still finalizing plans for donating it.



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