01/03/2012 01:19 am ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

'Mob Wives' Premiere: Renee Graziano's Near Death Plastic Surgery Experience (VIDEO)

Cosmetic surgery is no joke, and the more procedures done at one time, the more dangerous it can be. So there was inevitably going to be risk involved when Renee Graziano decided to go in for a full body makeover on the season premiere of "Mob Wives" (Sun., 8 p.m. EST on VH1).

"I woke up in the worst pain I've ever experienced," she said later. "I'm in so much agony, so much agony, and the drugs aren't working." The footage of her pleading with the doctor to make it stop would certainly corroborate this claim. But things were about to get much worse for Graziano.

Perhaps it was the pain controlling her, but immediately after being told to try and stay still by a nurse, Graziano instead tried to sit up. "I feel like I ripped my stitches wide open," she said. "I felt the blood leaving my body." She later claimed she'd lost more than six pints of blood, while being rushed to the emergency room; more than half the average total for a person.

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