01/03/2012 11:26 am ET Updated Mar 04, 2012

Movie & TV Presidents: Iowa Caucus Fantasy With Jed Bartlet & More

As the Iowa Caucuses kick off the 2012 Presidential Election season in earnest, there is a palpable enthusiasm gap for voters on both sides of the aisle. For those getting together in the Hawkeye State to choose their preferred GOP candidate, it's more a choice of electability or lesser of evils than it is passion, and the same holds true for many Democrats who are less than excited about voting for the reelection of President Obama.

With a lack of excitement over the current options, it's natural to dream of a better choice, to envision a more perfect man or woman who could deliver on all the promises of one's particular ideology. And that's where movies and TV come in. Hollywood can't create the perfect candidate in real life, but they have no shortage in experience in writing, casting and filming fictional political saviors.

So while Iowans hold their noses as they caucus today, we're offering a reprieve from the dismal politics of 2012. Instead of lining up behind a candidate that one can tolerate, why not cast a vote for the candidate that embodies all that a president should be? It's now possible with our Fantasy Iowa Caucus, with choices ranging from Jed Bartlett on "The West Wing" to Merkin Muffley of "Dr. Strangelove."

Choose wisely; your imaginary safe world depends on it.

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