01/03/2012 04:29 pm ET

Patrick Kneebone Saves Swimmer Off The Coast Of Huntington Beach

26-year-old William Griffith died Monday night off the coast of Huntington Beach after he and his friend were caught in a riptide during high-surf in deadly cold waters. His body was discovered after two hours of searching and he was pronounced dead at the scene, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Griffith's friend was taken to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach after he was rescued by a good samaritan, Patrick Kneebone.

Kneebone called 911 before jumping into ice cold water in an attempt to save the two swimmers. "I took my clothes off and pulled one guy in," Kneebone told KTLA. "I struggled to get the guy in. He was fighting me because he wanted to save his friend and I made him come to the shore."

High-surf advisories have been set for the coast of both Ventura and Los Angeles Counties through Saturday, reports the LA Times.