01/03/2012 03:13 pm ET

Roombas Create Dazzling Neon Artworks (PHOTOS)

Everyone remembers Roombas, the little autonomous vacuum discs made by iRobot that for a moment seemed like they were going to take over the world. We recently discovered that the Roombas, apart from their housekeeping day job, have a side passion project of art making as well.

Roombas navigate spaces on their own, zooming around on 2 independent wheels and changing direction when they hit obstacles. Roomba Art began when someone had the bright idea to set up a camera, shut off the lights, and take a long exposure photo of the Roomba in its element.

One thing led to another and now Roomba light shows are popping up all over the place. The gorgeously complex light networks look exactly like what you'd imagine robot art to look like: neon, detailed and almost alien.

Take a look at the robot art takeover, and let your Roomba explore its creative side. But if it switches to oil paints, it may be time to remove the batteries.

Roomba Art