01/03/2012 03:26 pm ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

San Francisco's Newest Coffees: The Best Ways To Get Buzzed In New Year (PHOTOS)

Ahh, resolution season -- the one month of shining promise before a February of empty gyms and unanswered emails. But to make those resolutions last until at least the 31st, you're going to need a strong cup of coffee.

San Francisco has always embraced coffee culture (we were named number four on the most caffeinated cities in the country this summer), but if we were satisfied with the same old cup of coffee we drank last year, well we wouldn't be the Bay Area. (Because drip is so 2011.)

Introducing: the newest ways to get caffeinated in 2012. Oakland has condensed a gallon of coffee into a shot glass, the Mission has figured out how to mix beer and caffeine legally and Blue Bottle has officially taken over the world. (And how!)

Check out the newest ways to get buzzed in San Francisco in 2012 in our slideshow below: