01/03/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated Jan 03, 2012

Selena Gomez Talks About Justin Bieber's Fans Hating Her (AUDIO)

You have to be careful with 'Beliebers' -- they can get pretty crazy and Selena Gomez knows not to anger them.

Of course, we're talking about Justin Bieber's legion of fans who are practically ready to sacrifice themselves for the 17-year-old popstar. And it was exactly a year ago that some of those fans started sending Gomez death threats after photos of the couple kissing surfaced online. Needless to say, Gomez knows how important it is to be diplomatic when talking about them.

In a recent interview with Baltimore radio station Z104.3, the 19-year-old singer was asked if she was annoyed by Bieber's fans who hated her, and we think she gave a safe reply.

"It's a little odd, but I understand it completely," she admitted. "It's amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are. So obviously, you've just got to think of the fans first, and that's OK."

The singer who rang in the New Year in Times Square for MTV’s New Year’s Eve special, also admitted that it's "kind of" annoying that she and Bieber can't share the same fans, but said it's "kind of cool we have our own individual [fans]."

Gomez and Bieber have been dating for just over a year and although they didn't get to share a kiss at midnight, we hear the couple welcomed 2012 together, dancing until 3 a.m. private party Justin hosted at the Glass House, once he wrapped his performance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve."

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