01/03/2012 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Upside Down' Trailer: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst Are Sci-Fi Forbidden Lovers (VIDEO)

It's an age-old tale, with a sci-fi twist: Forbidden lovers, kept apart by interplanetary gravity, war and reality itself.

Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst star in "Upside Down," the upcoming Juan Diego Solanas-directed sci-fi romantic drama. As a child, Sturgess's character, Adam, saw Dunst's Eve flirting with him from a parallel universe that hangs above his own planet in a mirror-image. With political and economic strife dividing their universes and, thusly, preventing Adam and Eve's love to blossom, Adam risks it all to venture to Eve's world despite the scientific barriers.

If that sounds complicated, fear not: the film has released its first trailer, via French Studio 37, which funded the project. "Upside Down" hits theaters sometime later this year.

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