01/04/2012 01:51 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Beck, Thurston Moore Sit Down For The Most Awkward Interview Ever

Buzzfeed uncovered this gem from a 1994 episode of MTV's "120 Minutes," where Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth sat down with a seemingly stoned and/or tangibly delusional Beck.

At the time, Beck was only 23 and fresh off his enormous hit single, "Loser," and Thurston Moore was already a ringleader of the indie rock set. It's unclear whether the two of them had a predetermined agreement to be "weird," or if Beck was simply being himself, and Thurston Moore was playing along amiably.

Some of our favorite moments include Beck responding to a question by throwing his boot against the wall, Beck responding to a question by playing a nonsensical looped sound clip, and Beck responding to a question by saying he feels like he's 60 years old. Also: those glasses! That t-shirt. It's all just so perfectly nutty and fun to watch.

Also, further proof that MTV has moved so far away from their humble, goofy, rock n'roll beginnings and so much closer to a shiny, indiscriminate monolith.