01/04/2012 10:51 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Carlos Guzmangarza, San Francisco Man Accused Of Impersonating Doctor, Now Facing Sex Crimes Charges

A second victim has come forward in the strange case of a San Francisco man who posed as a cosmetic surgeon and administered a series of bizarre medical treatments to his victims.

With these new allegations, 49-year old Carlos Guzmangarza is now likely facing sex crimes charges in addition to his current slate of practicing medicine without a license, identity theft, assault and illegally performing invasive medical procedures.

Guzmangarza allegedly opened a dermatology clinic in San Francisco's Mission District using the identity of a licensed physician's assistant with a similar name. He is accused of performing liposuction on a woman while smoking a cigar, requiring her to hold up her own IV bag during the operation and showing up at her house a couple days after the surgery seeking her assistance in disposing her own liposuction fat.

To answer your questions: Yes, they flushed it down the toilet, and yes, the incorrectly performed procedure caused the wound to get horribly infected.

The latest allegations come from a woman who encountered Guzmangarza at a store near his clinic, where they chatted about a dermatological condition that she was struggling with.

Bay City News reports:

Guzmangarza claimed he was a doctor and could treat her, and arranged meetings, police said. During the three consultations, he allegedly inappropriately touched the victim, claiming it was part of the treatment, and made sexually charged remarks, according to police.

He also allegedly prescribed a gel he said should be applied to the woman's skin, which she later found out was a severe skin irritant, police said.

Earlier this week, she recognized Guzmangarza from a TV news report and immediately notified the proper authorities.

Officials from the District Attorney's office claim to have located at least five other victims of Guzmangarza's phony medical practice.

"The defendant put lives at risk by performing medical procedures he was not licensed or qualified to perform," San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said at a recent press conference. "Impersonating a medical professional is a serious crime. My office will hold people accountable for endangering the lives of innocent people."

Guzmangarza, who has pled not guilty to all charges, is currently being held on $750,000 bail.

Anyone who believes they may have been victimized by Guzmangarza should call Doug Becker at the Medical Board of California at (408) 437-3680 or Lt. Carlos Sanchez with the San Francisco DA's office at (415) 551-9500.