01/04/2012 10:21 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

How You Can Get Better Grades This Semester

A new year, a new semester, a new slate. Sounds pretty great, right? There's no reason why you shouldn't seize the day and prepare to have the best semester of your college life! Plus, you know what they say -- it's easier to start off on the right foot than it is to change course later on. In the spirit of good habits and even better grades, we've pulled together a list of the academic resolutions we should all be making this January. It really is all about adapting a few small, simple changes to your about an easy-A!

1. I will register for one class that I really enjoy. Whether it is African Dance 2, Introduction to Russian Literature or Advanced French Translation, picking a class that you look forward to every week makes your whole course load feel lighter.

2. I will not skip class. You are more likely to stay on track if you go to class! Don't be one of those people who only makes an appearance at the midterm and finals/

3. I will get enough sleep. Staying alert in class is central to success.

4. I will buy a 2012 calendar or agenda and use it. If you use Gmail, there is even a way to sync your Facebook events on to your Google Calendar.

5. I will not check my phone a thousand times during class. Class time might seem like the perfect time to catch up on emails. but before you know it you will have lost track of the lecture. Keep the phone on silent, in your bag.

6. I will befriend at least one person in each of my classes......and not just because they're cute. Having a reliable study buddy is a bit of an insurance policy, "Did the professor say chapter 12 was or wasn't on the exam?". My Dad always says that you should make sure your study partners are at least as smart as you, though they should preferably be smarter.

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