01/04/2012 12:33 pm ET Updated Jan 05, 2012

Kimmel Does Another 'I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present' Prank YouTube Challenge (VIDEO)

When Jimmy Kimmel told his audience to record their kids opening terrible presents on Christmas morning (like eggs or Tupperware), they listened. He first asked parents to record the prank for Halloween, but the results proved so wildly popular -- getting over 15 million hits on YouTube alone -- that he brought it back in 2012.

Maybe it's the universal recognition of getting a terrible present on Christmas morning, or maybe it's the nostalgia for a time when every single present was the most exciting gift ever and anything less was an affront to our humanity. But while the prank has not been without controversy, most can't deny that it's humorous watching a kid tear open wrapping paper to find an onion.

Although Christmas has come and gone, Kimmel invited his viewers to film the same prank for Christmas 2011, and aired the results on his show last night. What do you think?