01/04/2012 02:12 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Linda Cardellini's 'Return' Trailer Debuts

Welcome home, Lindsay Weir!

The chilling 85-second trailer for Liza Johnson's "Return" debuted today, starring Linda Cardellini, Michael Shannon, and John Slattery.

In the film, Cardellini plays a mother struggling to return to her "normal" life after her military service in The Middle East. "One thing you can take away from this film is that it's not trying to tell you what to think," the "Freaks and Geeks" star told LeicesterSquareTV at the London Film Festival. "I really hope it sparks a dialogue with people and communicates something that leads to further and better understanding."

Cardellini has a lot on her plate between her CBS series "Person of Interest," which was picked up for a full season, the upcoming release of "Return," and her growing baby bump.

As for her co-stars, Shannon is picking up awards nominations for his star-turn in the indie film "Take Shelter," and just wrapped up the second season on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire." Slattery, of course, will return on AMC's "Mad Men" later this month.

"Return" hits theaters on February 10, and will be available on iTunes on February 28.