01/04/2012 12:43 pm ET Updated Jan 04, 2012

Ron Paul And Mitt Romney's Sons Win Over Teens At Iowa Event

They came to hear Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak, but they were distracted by his opponent's sons! A group of boy-crazy teenage girls who attended the Rock the Caucus event rated the hotness of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's four sons, as reported on Mediaite. Josh, Matt, Craig, and Tagg Romney were the unexpected crowd-pleasers of the event at Iowa's Valley High School.

A reporter for Yahoo! News interviewed a group of female athletes who came to the event with the intent of hearing Ron Paul speak -- but when they spotted the Romney boys onstage, they instantly forgot about Paul. Katie, a softball player, said the boys were "yummyyy," while another professed that 31-year-old Craig Romney was the hottest. And they weren't just checking out the Romney sons -- one girl interviewed was also quite taken with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who she claimed was "kind of hot." Although all of the girls agreed on the sexiness of the Romney boys, their opinions diverged with respect to Santorum's attractiveness.

And these girls aren't the only ones who have their eye on the Romneys -- Jon Huntsman's three 20-something daughters (who run the Twitter account @jon2012girls) asked Romney's son, Tagg, to have a pizza party with them. The girls tweeted at Tagg: "... you bring the diet coke."

Meanwhile, those who weren't distracted by the Romney sons' good looks heard from four presidential candidates at Rock the Caucus, and Ron Paul was the clear favorite. Last month, Paul won a mock vote among the Valley High students.

Who are you rooting for in the 2012 presidential elections? Would you ever be swayed by a candidate's looks? Share your thoughts in the comments below.