01/04/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stop Motion Animation Video Is A 'Moving Collage' (VIDEO)

The process of creating stop motion animation is notoriously tedious, with artists spending hours meticulously moving and rearranging objects to create a single shot. Nevertheless, when music producers heard the latest tracks from Indian artist Bhi Burhman, they immediately pinpointed the technique as the perfect way to bring his music to life.

To illustrate the themes of Burhman's song "Time Heals," producers Liam Hurley and Sam Kessler decided to make a music video premised on the idea of a "moving collage," which would combine images of Burhman's face with other types of media, IFC explained.

Starting with 600 photographs of Burhman, the team pieced together newspaper clippings and other cutouts to create the 4,000-shot video.

Hurley and Kessler described their creative vision to IFC:

We were drawn to the theme of time in this song, with a concept of 'moving collage' in mind. The discrete sections and tempo changes lent an air of theatricality, over which Bhi's powerful voice serves to unite all the 'acts.' Although newspapers traditionally serve to mark a specific point in history, in this case they were used to emphasize the viewers sense of timelessness, something Bhi's music does so well.