01/04/2012 05:36 pm ET

Nadya Suleman Dropped From Management Due To Selfish Behavior

It sounds like the Grinch has a new partner in crime -- Octomom Nadya Suleman. Insiders at DD Entertainment say the mother of fourteen's unseasonable selfishness is what led the management team to drop her from its roster.

"In the past four months, we had grown to become less tolerant of Nadya," a DD insider told me. "We would contact Nadya on a daily basis for work and would never get a reply, especially if it was a charity. When we would hear from Nadya late at night or super early in the morning, it was to beg for money and not to address the jobs we had for her."

According to the insider, Suleman, who reportedly shot a fetish video in her home earlier this year, refused to donate her childrens' used toys to a hospital unless she was paid to do so. "She said she only wants to focus on paying jobs," the insider said.

But the final straw came when Suleman told her managers not to send Christmas gifts to her kids.

"[Suleman's former manager], Gina [Rodriguez] asked her numerous times for the children's sizes to get them gifts for Christmas, but she said she just wanted the money," our source explained. "We realized this was not someone we wanted to promote or help anymore."

Asked about these allegations, Suleman told me she's no Scrooge. "We celebrate Jesus's birthday and [the children] each get one toy from me," she said.

She also said that she hopes DD Entertainment will reconsider the decision to drop her as a client.

"I take full responsibility for allowing miscommunication and misunderstanding to escalate to this extent," Suleman told me. "I hope Gina will accept my apology. I perceive this to be a learning experience and Gina has been instrumental in helping me learn and grow. I am very grateful for all she has done and will hopefully continue to do for me and my family."

But a post-holiday reconciliation sounds less than likely. Asked to give her side of the story, Rodriguez merely said, "I cannot comment on the situation with Ms. Suleman, but I can say I am happy we are no longer working together."