01/04/2012 06:36 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood': Kathie Lee And Hoda Get Upset About Pregnancy Lie (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott found themselves in a little bit of hot water with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb of the "Today" show. Eight days after they went on and denied being pregnant, Spelling tweeted that the couple was in fact expecting a baby. "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" (Tue., 10 p.m. EST on Oxygen) chronicled the aftermath from their point of view.

"Today" viewers know how it played out on that show, as Kotb and Gifford called the couple out for lying to them about being pregnant. "Of course I feel guiltly," Spelling told McDermott. "I lied to Kathie Lee. She's like a saint among saints!"

The couple sent in flowers and a gift basket with a note apologizing for not telling the truth about their pregnancy, with an explanation as to why they did and then tuned in to "Today" to see how it was received. They were relieved to see the co-hosts smiling and seeming to take it all very well indeed.

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